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Title Sylloge Nummorum Sasanidarum Iran: A Late Sasanian Hoard from Orumiyeh
Reviewer Open
Date 2018-01-09 12:36:57Hit : 189
Attached file [1515469017_201801091.jpg] 

Daryoosh Abarzadeh and‎ Nikolaus Schindel
Austrian Academy of Sciences (June 13, 2017)

The present volume presents for the first time within the SNS series a complete coin hoard. It was found in 2007 in the Piran-Shahr region in North-Western Iran, and ranks among the largest and most important hoards ever found on the territory of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Containing altogether 1267 drachms, it provides interesting insights not only into the monetary system of the Late Sasanian period, but also into its economic history.