2022 Keimyung International Conference on the Silk Road and Central Asia

2022 Keimyung International Conference on the Silk Road and Central Asia
Carpet Weaving: History and Beauty of the Silk Road

Keynote Speech

Alfred J. ANDREA
Professor Emeritus, University of Vermont

Western-Lands Carpets in the Art of Dunhuang’s Mogao Caves


Kazakh Academy of Sports and Tourism

Carpet Weaving on the Territory of Kazakhstan as a Reflection of the Traditional Worldview of Nomads and the Mutual Influence of Cultures on the Great Silk Road
Munkhtsetseg BAYANZUL
Mongolian National Center for Cultural Heritage

The Pattern Decoration Tradiations of Xiongnu Quilt Rugs/Carpets
Hyunjin CHO
Keimyung University

A Study on the Relationship between the Palmette Patterns on Carpets of Sassanid Persia and Silla
University of Trento

Before Serindia. The Silk Road and Achaemenid Central Asia
Jinhan JEONG
Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

The Carpets in the Medieval Trans-Eurasian Travelogues
Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum

Carpet Weaving in Azerbaijan: A Look Through the Centuries
The University of Melbourne

Senneh Gelim: A Magnificent Living Carpet Tradition of Iranian Kurdish Women
Samina NASIM
University of the Punjab

Charisma of Mughal Carpets: Representation of Traditional Designs on Contemporary Hand-Knotted Craft of Pakistan
Binafsha NODIR
Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan

Qiz-Gilam: A Unique Example of Carpet Weaving by Semi-Nomadic Uzbeks in the Southern Regions of Uzbekistan
Sohee RYUK
Columbia University

Patterns and Collections: Carpets from Central Asia in the Imperial Russian Imagination
William Paterson University

Central Asian Carpets, Assyrian Stone Thresholds, and Greco-Roman Mosaics: Cultural Exchange and Integration on the Silk Road


Alfred J. ANDREA
Professor Emeritus, University of Vermont

Hee Soo LEE
Distinguished Professor, Keimyung University


Session 1: Farrah SHEIKH
Keimyung University

Session 2: Cagri ERDEM
Keimyung University

Session 3: Mohsen JOSHANLOO
Keimyung University

Session 4: Robert John DICKEY
Keimyung University

Session 5: Joshua VAN LIEU
Keimyung University