2020 Keimyung International Conference on the Silk Road and Central Asia

2020 Keimyung International Conference on the Silk Road and Central Asia

Welcoming Remarks

Synn Ilhi
President of Keimyung University

Keynote Speech

James C. Schopf
Prospects for Peace in the Silk Road Region: An Examination of China-US-Russian Relations


Timur Dadabaev
Professor of International Relations, University of Tsukuba

Craving for jobs? Revisiting Educational Mobility and Semi-skilled Labor Migration from Uzbekistan to Japan and South Korea
Michael Dunford
Visiting Professor, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Emeritus Professor, School of Global Studies, University of Sussex

China’s Belt and Road Initiative and its Implications for World Development
Yoonmin Kim
Assistant Professor of Economics and Finance, Keimyung University

Sukuk (an Islamic Bond) Utilization for One Belt One Road
Younkyoo Kim
Professor of International Relations, Hanyang University

Digital Trade and Geopolitics in Central Asia: China's Digital Silk Road and Its Security Risks
George Lane
Research Associate, School of History, Religion & Philosophy, SOAS University of London

The Khitans: Corner Stone of the Mongol Empire
William Maley
Professor of Diplomacy, Australian National University

Afghanistan's Intersecting Challenges
Magnus Marsden
Professor of Social Anthropology, University of Sussex

Beyond the Silk Roads: Trade, Mobility and Geopolitics across Eurasia
Shahin Mustafayev
Professor of History and Deputy Director of the Institute of Oriental Studies, Azerbaijan

Daily Life of the people of Kashgaria in the end of 19th century: Evidence of Russian traveler M.V. Pevtsov
Amitendu Palit
Senior Research Fellow, Institute of South Asian Studies, National University of Singapore

Economics & Politics in China-India Relations: New Developments and Emerging Trend
Morris Rossabi
Senior Scholar and Adjunct Professor, Columbia University and Distinguished Professor of History, Queens College

Mongol Impact on Eurasia: Lasting Influences
Jeanne Wilson
Emeritus Professor of Political Science Wheaton College

China, Russia and Central Asia: Complementary or Competing Interests?


Hee Soo Lee

Jeanne Wilson

James C. Schopf

Panel Recap & Discussion of Conference Presentations