Recipients of Acta Via Serica's Prize for Outstanding Scholarship in the Study of Central Asia and the Silk Road


Erika Erzsébet VÖRÖS, "Ferrying to the Other Shore: Silla Seafarers and Avalokiteśvara Faith in the East Asian Maritime World"


December 2022     
Hyunjin Cho, "A Study on the Relationships between the Palmette Patterns on Carpets of Sassanid Persia and Silla Korea" 

June 2022    
Maryam Kamali, "The Split of Power in the Khwarazmshah Dynasty on the Eve of the Mongol Conquests"

December 2021    
Eiren L. Shea, "Intentional Identities: Liao Women's Dress and Cultural and Political Power"

June 2021    
Magnus Marsden, "'Inter-Asia' through Inland Eyes: Afghan Trading Networks across Land and Sea"

December 2020    
Timur Dadabaev and Jasur Soipov, "Craving Jobs? Revisiting Labor and Educational Migration from Uzbekistan to Japan and South Korea"

June 2020        
Joo Yup Lee, "The Sogdian Descendants in Mongol and post-Mongol Central Asia: The Tajiks and Sarts"